Tom Staniford

Freelance Marketing Consultant & Lecturer

Tom Staniford

I am a Chartered Marketer, former British National Para-Cycling Champion, and one of 16 people worldwide with MDP Syndrome.
Tom is a freelance marketing consultant and lecturer. Following a turbulent diagnostic journey, he was diagnosed with MDP syndrome in 2013, at 24 years old. This genetic condition affects how he processes fat, leading to hearing loss, diabetes, tight joints and no fat under the skin, amongst other symptoms. He is one of just 16 people worldwide with the condition and has spoken at conferences on patient engagement, rare diagnosis, research participation, and living with a rare condition. He was the youngest ever British National Para-Cycling Champion, has two Master’s degrees in Law and Psychology, and is a Chartered Marketer.

The Reflection Room: RAREnthood

Tom joins a fireside chat with other young(ish)! men to explore the diversity of experiences for men living with rare conditions growing up and considering parenthood. Diagnosis differences, family life, the impact of hospital stays on education and careers, rare parenthood, cultural perspectives, mental health and relationships. Nothing is off the table.

My three wishes for rare diseases are:
  1. Better communication between medical professionals and departments to share research/insights and provide more connected patient care.
  2. Better use of the internet to support the above and provide better access to community, information, and patient support.
  3. Sustainable funding for, and maintaining the NHS.