Dr Ritchie Head

Director, Ceratium BV

Ritchie Head

Ritchie aims to help research happen. He has 20+ years of experience working on collaborative European projects as a scientist, and project manager, in biotechnology and environmental sciences. This includes multiple Rare Disease projects. He managed the successful FP7 project ODAK and the Horizon 2020 project VISION-DMD and works on the TIGER project targeting HPV+ rare cancers. Ritchie is a creative strategy developer and skilled proposal writer. Since founding Ceratium he has helped clients win grants worth over 140M euros. Ceratium are Horizon Europe specialists assisting partners with strategy, project management, exploitation, and communications.

Rare Research and Funding

Rare Disease researchers take part in a poster and pitch session to share their novel approaches to engaging patients in research. Then joined by a panel of research funders to explore the challenges, opportunities and novel approaches to funding this vital research.

My three wishes for the future of rare diseases are: Equal access to diagnosis and treatments; a sustainable mixed funding landscape for collaborations to accelerate research; and faster, cheaper and more effective clinical interventions and social support for patients and their families.