Dr. Lamprini Kaftanzi

Senior Advisor, EAHSN

Lamprini Kaftanzi

Lamprini trained as a biologist and geneticist before completing doctoral studies on the clinical and commercial translation of cell-based therapies. She previously worked as a market access consultant and as a health technology assessor of medical devises and diagnostics for one of NICE’s external assessment centres. Lamprini joined Health Innovation East as senior commercial advisor and focusses on supporting innovators/SMEs through their innovation journey and into the NHS. Lamprini is working closely with the CamRARE team to ensure innovators know about clinical needs in the rare disease area and are supported in their efforts to develop/ tailor their technologies to address those needs.

Solving everyday challenges for the rare disease community with tech solutions

Eastern AHSN hosts a live Dragon’s Den Tech Solution Pitching Competition. The rare disease community posed the challenges, community experts have shortlisted, the audience casts the final vote.

My three wishes for the future of rare disease are: Increased awareness of various rare diseases would help clinicians quickly recognize symptoms and pursue a diagnosis; increased awareness of the hurdles people with rare diseases face so that innovators can provide solutions; and increased funding dedicated to the care and support of families with people living with rare disease.