Dr Jenny Gallop

Group Leader, Gurdon Institute & Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

Jenny Gallop

I am a membrane and actin biologist, discovering new biology to understand or treat disease
Dr Jenny Gallop is a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow at the Gurdon Institute and Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK. In synergy with her research into the fundamental mechanisms of actin regulation at membranes, she has been working on Lowe Syndrome and Dent disease 2 for 8 years. Her research group identified a role for the PI3K pathway in actin regulation, which is targetable by repurposing existing drugs. She is bringing this work into a clinical trial while engaging with patient groups to promote mutual education and involvement for researchers and advocates.

Rare Disease Research: Poster & Pitch

Dr Jenny Gallop will join a panel of researchers from across the UK helping us better understand and develop treatments for rare diseases. They’ll each share their work in a fast paced poster and pitch session before being joined by research fudners to discuss the challenges and opportunities for rare disease research funding sustainability.

My three wishes for rare diseases are:

  1. Basic biologists have rare genetic diseases and patient involvement as part of their standard repertoire.
  2. Whole genome sequence data from patients integrated into cell biology.
  3. Patient-research partnerships in action.