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            Unique Feet is a safe and welcoming community for families affected by rare


            » Children and young people with a range of rare conditions are able to meet

            locally for fun, friendship and confidence-building activities.

            » Parents and carers are able to connect with other families for support and
            advice, in person and online.

            » Siblings, who are often young carers, can also spend time with others who
            understand their family's challenges and enjoy time with their rare sibling doing
            activities accessible to both.

           Getting to know us better

              We have a Unique Feet webpage with information, FAQs and contact details for
              new families to find us and get in touch

              One of our Unique Feet mums curates a monthly community newsletter packed
              with news from our families, photos from our activities and other news relating
              to inclusion, accessibility and disability rights.  The newsletter archive can be

              found on our webpage, and you can sign up to receive it there too.

              Events Calendar

              We have a Unique Feet events calendar on our webpage where families can
              keep track of activities and events, RSVP and receive details.

              Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
              You can keep up with #UniqueFeetCam news and #RareBearLife through our

              social media channels.
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