Page 7 - CamRARE | Unique Feet - Impact Report 2022
P. 7

theory                                oF              c

                                    To create community networks                          ange
                                  which help improve outcomes for

                                   children, young people and their

                                  families living with rare conditions

                                                     Reduce isolation and give
                                                  families a community where

                                                 they can build confidence and

                                                    friendships, feel supported

                                                             and empowered

        "Support from others going                          Regular, local,

          through, or having gone                   inclusive and accessible,
              through, similar life                   community meetups,

           experiences". UF mum                       activities and events

                                             Online and in person

                                              safe spaces to share

                                               experiences, give &
                                                  receive support
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