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Our Vision

     A world where people with rare diseases are valued
     and supported

    Our Mission

    We build cross-sector networks to improve
    outcomes for people with rare diseases

                   OUR      NET    W RK                                      C HARIT         G  O ALS

                                                                                   Facilitating a voice for
                                                                                   and access to people
                        People living
                             with                                                  with rare disease
                         rare disease
        Health,                            social, ethical
        education and                      and economic                            Providing educational
        social care                        researchers                             and networking events

                                                                                   Supporting local people

        Ind       Industry:          Rare disease                                  with, and families
              drug discovery,          advocacy                                    affected by, rare
               re-purposing,            groups                                     conditions

                     OUR EFF        OR   TS                                       OUR      HOP    E  S

                  Holding public-facing events:                            To improve the rare disease
                  RAREfest & Pint of Science                               journey from diagnosis to care

                                                                           and treatment
                  Holding cross-sector
                  stakeholder events, summits                              To advance the rights of those
                  and Companies’ Forum                                     with  rare  diseases  and  their


                                                     Our values:
           We put those living with with rare conditions at the heart of everything we do.

                     We're creative, innovative and boldly challenge the status quo.
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