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                       "The support and advice                               “I have found the

                           I get from the other                                people I need.”

                             parents is worth                                     Alison, mum

                           its weight in gold”
                                 UF, mum

                                                                          "UF is another family
                                                                                  for us all!"

                                                                                  UF, mum

                                                           “ its been really nice for my kid to do

                                                           these sorts of things because he's not

                                                          great in general settings whereas when
                                                              we go to the Unique Feet if he is

                                                          causing a fuss, being loud, whatever he

                                                           is doing the judgement isn't there and
                                                          everyone just accepts your children as

                                                                             they are."
                                                                             Kim, Mum

                                                                              “I think because it’s
                                                                               specifically for rare
                                                                         disease that you feel sort of
               “[UF] helped with her                                  part of a family. There’s a sense of
            confidence, being able to                                           belonging there.”
               get comfortable with
                  other children.”                                                 Jacqui, mum

                      Sue, mum
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