Page 16 - CamRARE | Unique Feet - Impact Report 2022
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                             “It’s nice                                        “Through UF you get
                      to be able to turn up                               to know a bit more of what’s
                   somewhere and not have                                 going on or what you should
                 to explain yourself - there’s a                        know. [It’s a] good way of feeling
                   sense of understanding.”                                         supported.”
                            Jacqui, mum                                              Traey, mum

          "Accessing extra-curricular
       activities that aren’t available to
            them otherwise. Sharing
           activities with siblings that
        wouldn’t otherwise be able to
          e.g RAREfest performance,
               accessible sports.”

                      UF, Mum

                                                          “I wanted to
                                                          meet some

                                                         new friends.”
                                                            Ellie, child

                  “As parents you can
             share experiences and ideas
         and just chat really. And it’s always                              "Having people who
        nice to chat with someone who has
            similar life challenges as you. "                            ‘get it’ when I speak about
                                                                         things  and being able to

                        Vaila, mum                                          belong somewhere"

                                                                                    UF, Mum
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