Page 12 - CamRARE | Unique Feet - Impact Report 2022
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     Families agreed that Unique Feet’s effects could really be felt when it comes to
     making friends that live near them,  improving their overall emotional well-being.
     Many of the children interviewed are “quite shy initially” but “wanted to meet some

     new friends”. From the 32 active families we interviewed, 100% of our interviewees
     expressed that they have made long-lasting friendships through the group. Recurrent
     themes that were brought up include having other children to talk to in a “safe

     platform” where they feel included. Parents and children believe it has made a
     positive difference in their social life, combatting isolation and loneliness often felt
     by rare disease patients.

       The families unanimously stated how supported they feel as part of Unique Feet. Parents
       are glad their kids “accept each other completely” despite their differences, and children
       feel seen for who they are “beyond their disabilities”. The families interviewed stated that

       the group gives children “an opportunity to… express themselves within their own
       abilities” and allows them to “have fun... in a judgement-free, unrestricted environment
       where individuality can be expressed”. Against the backdrop of existing issues in the
       children’s lives, like “not (being) given much of a role in school activities”, Unique Feet
       provides an inclusive, supportive space where kids can be themselves.

        Three families interviewed stated that being part of Unique Feet has considerably
        boosted their child’s confidence. In particular, “being able to get comfortable with other
        children” and showing excitement at joining in with activities were highlighted as key
        achievements. The children are keen to celebrate their achievements within the group

        and talk about them outside the group, such as within school projects. Overall,
        interviewees agree that Unique Feet has given their children a space to participate in
        activities they can be proud of. For many children in the group, Unique Feet has

        provided an opportunity to try out new hobbies. Some of these include skiing, horse
        riding and climbing. Most said that Unique Feet allowed them to participate in activities
        that would otherwise be inaccessible due to their different needs and abilities. The
        confidence built by being part of the group has made children more eager to seek new
        experiences. Quoting one of the families, “If it is with Unique Feet, she will always go

        ‘yes yes yes!’”
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