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Our story 

Children and their families living with rare conditions can often feel isolated and may rarely meet someone else with the same disease. Local families asked CRDN to provide a safe and welcoming space for children with any rare condition to meet locally for fun,  friendship and confidence-building activities. 

Early on we recognised that there was a gap.  Missing from the UK national rare disease landscape was a local, regional community group for families living with all types of rare conditions. At the Cambridge Rare Disease Network (CRDN) we wanted to fix this.

Since 2016 we have been building a regional rare community group where affected families could meet regularly to engage in group activities, share experiences and form a collective voice to raise awareness on rare conditions and improve local services.

Unique Feet had provided local families and their children with a safe, non- judgmental and supporting environment to come together. It is the reason why the group has continued to grow and expand into the thriving regional rare community that it represents today. From its modest beginnings, the group is flourishing with over 20 active families and around one hundred beneficiaries.

Unique Feet also offers a range of fully inclusive indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy! For families and their children Unique Feet represents the powerful bond that understanding, acceptance and friendship bring to unique individuals and their families who have their rarity in common.

At CRDN we firmly believe that Unique Feet has the potential to become a model for many other regions across the United Kingdom.

Through your eyes

Families share their thoughts on the difference UF makes

RARE disease day every day

Unique Feet’s Tristan shares his daily joys and challenges


Unique Feet share their community journey through 2020’s COVID-19 lockdown 

UF dancers

In 2015 Unique Feet began with four families, four dancers and great hopes!

Are you a family with a child affected by a rare or undiagnosed condition living in the Cambridgeshire or Eastern region? Contact us to find out more about joining our thriving community

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