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CamRare Family Resources

Inclusive activities for children with rare diseases

In our completely unbiased opinion, to access the best inclusive and accessible activities to do in Cambridge, join the Unique Feet tribe and come to our events. Our events coordinator organises between 2 and 6 monthly events for many families with a child with a rare condition. We have done climbing, horse-riding, tennis, skiing and many other activities. All our activities are available to siblings to ensure no one is left out.
Below is a list of other activities you could consider.

Cambridge Arts Theatre

Going to the theatre with any child can be difficult, but Cambridge Arts Theatre has made many adjustments to be inclusive. They offer ‘Relaxed performances’ specifically for people with sensory or communication difficulties, autism or learning disability. The lighting and sound is changed in the auditorium, allowing families to easily attend fun shows with their kids. The Unique Feet community have recommended this theatre as a good experience for children with disability.



Swimming can be great fun for all children, regardless of special needs, but it can be difficult to find an appropriate time or place to take them. Parkside and Abbey Leisure Complex offers 1:1 and group swimming lessons for children with disabilities for as low as £3. Dates and times of sessions vary so check the link below. Level Water is a charity that offers funding to disabled children to teach them to swim.



Clip N Climb Cambridge

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, Clip N Climb Cambridge offers a session for people with autism, learning and physical disabilities. They offer climbing hoists and have plenty of instructors around to help. Clip N Climb is highly recommended by many of our Unique Feet members.


Disabled Access Card and Theme Parks

The disability access card is a discrete card to prove to venues that your child has a disability. The card allows discounted access to theme parks, theatres, sports facilities and many others. The creators of the card have pooled a range of businesses that offer discounts to disabled people and sometimes free entry to carers. When going to theme parks, it is important to look at how they accommodate disabilities in advance. Many parks like Lego Land require advance notice of 7 days to receive a disabled access pass. Carer tickets are available at most theme parks, and a disabled access card can sometimes be used to prove disability.


Cambridge Council recommendations

Cambridge Council website recommends a wide variety of activities for children with

  • Sensory walks
  • Athletics
  • Adaptive rowing
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Bounce activity club

Full details can be found on their website


Going shopping with most children is difficult, but supermarkets are trying to make it easier to shop with children with sensory issues. Morrisons, Tesco and Asda all have quiet shopping hours with reduced music and lighting.


Supermarket Quiet shopping hours 

  • Morrisons 9-10am Saturday 10-11am Sunday
  • Asda 2-3pm Monday – Thursday
  • Tesco 9-10am Wednesday and Saturday

Tesco also offers a downloadable picture-based guide to help explain to your child where you are going and what you are doing see link below.

The Grand Arcade is a large shopping centre in Cambridge that has made provisions to be accessible to disabled users. They offer free use of wheelchairs and mobility scooters if booked in advance. Mobility aids can be borrowed from the Level 1 Grand Arcade car park or Level 4 Grafton East car park. They also provide free parking if you use one of their mobility aids. There is also access to changing places, toilets and accessible restrooms with shower hoists and changing beds. You can pick up the key from the car park customer service office.




Disabled toilets

When out with your child, you may be concerned about where the nearest toilet is should your child need it. Cambridge Council have provided a map of all public toilets, most of which are accessible with a radar key see link below.

What is a radar key?

A Radar key is a key used to get access to over 10,000 disabled toilets around the UK. The scheme was implemented to protect disabled toilets from vandalism and misuse. You can get a Radar key from the national disability card website below, but it is also available on amazon and other websites. For more information on radar keys and location, see the links below.