Maxwell Mcknight

Student, Anglia Ruskin University

Maxwell Mcknight is a dedicated and passionate Anglia Ruskin University student and advocate for raising awareness around disabled life.

In the last few years, Maxwell has volunteered, advocated, and been a part of life-changing events.  His highlights include helping to raise £1.8 million alongside John Caudwell, a respected entrepreneur, and helping to build the largest support network for young adults and teenagers in the UK.
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Maxwell is taking part in the Rare Youth Voices panel and will be speaking about how the education system failed him.
“How would you like it if you were segregated from all of your fellow students for almost two years? My talk will be about the inequality within the education system. The lack of urgency and the need to adapt and put in place measures to allow the school environment to be accessible for all. Education is the building block of our lives and it can’t be forgotten about purely because of the disability we might have. I want to bring light to the ableism I faced through my education to bring about change.”

Rare Youth Voices and Choices

You chose your priorities for the Rare Disease Framework. What would ours be? Young adults living with rare conditions share their priorities for a Rare Disease Framework that speaks for them.

Maxwell’s three wishes for rare diseases are:

  1. To see more support for young adults and children navigating the education system
  2. More educational classes to be dedicated to showing the lives of others to widen people’s thoughts when thinking about disability
  3. More funding available for vital equipment.