John Willis

Founder of Power2 Inspire

John Willis Founder of Power2Inspire

Born without fully formed arms or legs, I defied the school system to be educated at Cambridge University. My career has been varied: London solicitor, charity CEO, property developer, consultant, Chair of NHS provider, and founder, chief executive, and now chief ambassador of Power2Inspire. Married with two grown-up daughters. Passionate about sports so I created the charity, Power2Inspire, which champions inclusion through sport ensuring no one is left on the bench.

I undertook the Road2Rio challenge in 2016 – participating in all 34 Olympic and Paralympic sports – 

Let's explore the possible ...

How do you write without hands? Get dressed? Will you be allowed to drive a car? The true meaning of never giving up. How do you join in with sport? As the world is set up for the majority how can we flex the rules – some physical, most man-made, to include everyone? An exploration of the possible…

My 3 wishes for the future of rare disease are:

  1. An acceptance that difference is not a curse but a blessing
  2. Better use of technology allied to creative accounting to support the outliers in our society
  3. Creating role models for the next generation so individuals and families do not have to do it alone or reinvent the wheel.