Dylan Lombard

Photographer, Dancer and Disability Advocate

Dylan Lombard

My Journey Through Dancing and Photography

I will talk about my experience of growing up with a very rare undiagnosed syndrome and how photography and dance enabled me to engage with the world. Receiving a diagnosis and sharing my hobbies on social media has helped me to connect with people and accept and celebrate who I am.

When I was younger, I found it hard to fit in and make friends. Through my photography and dancing I created ways to feel positive about myself and challenge how some people might see me. Now I am older, through my passions I have created a platform to raise awareness around disabilities. I want to challenge how society treats people with disabilities and tell people to not stare or cross the street but be kind. I raise money and awareness for numerous charities. It’s my way of saying thank you for all they do and the difference they make to people’s lives.

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My three wishes for the future of rare disease are: Inclusion, understanding, and no pain.