Dr Peter Fish


Dr Peter FIsh

Finding a Needle in a Haystack - panel discussion

Dr Peter Fish will join panellists to respond to sound bites from people who have faced the uncertainty and pain of a diagnostic odyssey – trying to unravel what condition they or their child may have. Peter will approach this topic with particular expertise in using artificial intelligence and intelligent technology to solve some of the most challenging diagnostic puzzles. 

Dr Peter Fish is a South African medical doctor with an MBA and an academic background in human genetics. He has founded and run a number of tech, medtech and biotech companies. His recent work has a strong focus on delivering stratified and personalised healthcare at international scales. He is currently the CEO of Mendelian, a London-based company shortening the diagnostic odyssey for rare and hard-to-diagnose diseases by applying intelligent technology to electronic health records.

My 3 wishes for rare disease are:

  1. The global impact of all rare diseases is far better understood and tackled
  2. Lengthy diagnostic odysseys are eradicated
  3. A drastic increase in definitive treatment options