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During the pandemic, Rishi cumulated his passions for science, music, and learning to create Singing Science. Inspired by his broad spectrum of music taste, from heavy metal to the South American Charango, his dynamic project combines shows and songs, putting science’s presence into the wrapping paper of music and the visual arts.

A love for science

Rishi has been fascinated by science since childhood. He studied maths at university and focused on sound processing before working at the University of Cambridge, Department of Plant Sciences. There he trained as a Bioinformatician, supporting biologists with their endeavours through data processing.

His first song enunciated the work of the underappreciated Arabidopsis thaliana. A plant commonly used in the Plant Sciences department, its contribution is often lesser-known than that of beautiful roses and tulips.

Inspired by his passion for science, Rishi sought to continue curating melodies and performances designed to showcase the wonderful world around us and complex creatures we are.

“Combining catchy songs with scientific topics provides a means for all peoples to learn engagingly and creatively.”

Rishi Nag

Founder , Singing Science

Singing Science

Therein born was Singing Science, an edutainment project that offers a memorable and refreshing way to teach science. His audience can learn topics like Genetics, Evolution, and Inheritance through snappy soundbites. Singing Science uses novel tunes and catchy melodies to express highly interesting scientific subjects.

Genomics! The Musical!

Rishi has been expanding his project by teaching in schools and curating both songs and shows. The newest of which comprises Genomics! The Musical!

Genomics! The Musical! is a one-person show where the fundamentals of genes and our DNA are explained using a series of ‘musical mini-lectures’. Ideas are introduced with words and then developed with catchy songs performed with a video backdrop providing further insights into the science of what makes us us. All done with a light touch of humour to provide an ideal family edutainment show!

At Rarefest22, Singing Science will be showcasing Genomics! The Musical! Combining the basics of Genetics and the impacts on the rare disease community, the show provides an engaging way to familiarise yourself with key concepts – fit for all ages.

It will offer an exciting starting point for later talks and activities. Be prepared to sing along to the jolliest, most entertaining lesson you’ve ever had!