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Allison Watson of Ring20 Research and Support Uk attended #CamRARE2017 summit with her Patient Journey Poster.

“A great innovation of the conference and real highlight for us was the patient journey poster competition. Prior to the conference, we were 1 of 33 different patient groups who took the time to produce posters to summarise their rare condition and their own patient journey. I (Allison) have never produced a poster before and have no background in Graphic Design, but with some guidance from the lovely CamRARE team I gave it a go, because I felt the importance was in getting the word out about r(20) syndrome, how it affects us and what we want, not the quality of my artwork!”

Read Allison’s full review of our 2017 Annual Summit on the Ring20 Research and Support UK website.


Cambridge Rare Disease Network - Ring20 Research and Support UK share their take home messages and collaborations from #CamRARE2017 Summit 1
Ring20 Patient journey poster competition entry