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Dr Tim Ringrose

CEO & Co-founder, The Cognitant Group

Tim Ringrose

‘Health information delivered better: providing clear reliable knowledge enabling informed decisions’

Tim will be exploring the challenges of developing trustworthy, reliable, accessible health information on rare diseases.  How do patients like their health information delivered ?  How can the right information allow them to become actively involved in improving their health, and enabling healthcare professionals to optimise their care? 

“In the 2020s, people will not be passive recipients of care. They will be co-creators of their own health. The challenge is to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to help themselves.”

Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care

Bio: A nephrologist and intensive care specialist, Tim has over 20 years’ experience of driving innovation in healthcare through the harnessing of health technology. He helped to build Doctors.net.uk, the UK’s leading online doctor community and became CEO in 2011, followed by CEO of M3’s European division. Tim co-founded Cognitant Group in 2018. He is a mentor for the NHS clinical entrepreneur programme and serves as a non-executive director and adviser for several other health technology companies.

Find out more about Cognitant Group by visiting their website. 

I’m excited to have the opportunity to talk at Rare Summit 21 to discuss how we can bring innovation to rare disease education. Navigating information for a rare disease can be overwhelming and confusing and it’s critical that people diagnosed with a rare disease can get access to the appropriate health information and support throughout their journey.