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Nicola Miller

Co-founder, creative director and editor-in-chief, RARE Revolution Magazine; co-founder and trustee, Teddington Trust

Nicola Miller

Bio: Nicola Miller is one half of the founding duo behind RARE Revolution Magazine, a digital publication and movement dedicated solely to sharing and amplifying the multi-stakeholder voices of rare disease with a global audience—striving for meaningful and lasting awareness cross-condition. Nicola is also the co-founder and trustee of the global charity Teddington Trust, who provide practical and emotional support for families affected by a diagnosis of the ultra-rare condition xeroderma pigmentosum, a condition which her own son was diagnosed with aged just 12 month.

Nicola and her team as also the driving force behind the RARE Youth Revolution, a platform to empower young people living with rare, ensuring that their voices never go unheard. This summer RARE Revolution dedicated an entire 100 pages to the topic of diversity and equity within rare disease: https://bit.ly/RARE-Equitable

Find out more about Rare Revolution Magazine and The Teddington Trust by visiting their websites.