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Dr Madhu Madhusudhan

Senior Business Manager, LifeArc

Dr Madhu Madhusudhan Life Arc

Bio: Dr Madhu Madhusudhan has over 25 years’ experience encompassing research, business development, intellectual property (IP) consulting and knowledge transfer earned in companies which include multinationals, start-ups and IP consulting firms in the UK, New Zealand, and India. Since 2012 his role at LifeArc, as Senior Business Manager (Charity Sector), has been focussing on delivering a comprehensive research translational advice and support service to medical research charities which aims to maximise the benefits of charity-funded research to patients by facilitating translation of promising academic research as well as demonstrating impact of charity-funded research. A significant area of focus for LifeArc and my current role is to support the philanthropy fund launched by LifeArc to support translational research projects in rare diseases.

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