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Jo Balfour

Managing Director, Cambridge Rare Disease Network

Jo Balfour CamRARE Managing Director - profile pic
‘A Path Well Travelled’

Bio: Jo is a founding member of CamRARE and Managing Director. She directs and controls the charity’s operations and to gives strategic guidance and direction to the board.

Jo leads the creative and operational development of CamRARE’s unique and innovative events programme to raise awareness about rare disease and promote cross-sector collaboration. She is the founder of the charity’s regional rare disease community group, Unique Feet, and oversees all other aspects of the charity’s work.

From a background in Special Educational Needs Management and as an advisor for Looked After Children in schools, Jo’s 25 year career in education has been one which offered support and challenge to schools to provide the best care for young people living in exceptional circumstances to enable them to achieve aspirational goals in all aspects of their lives. She has continued this ethos of support and challenge into her work in rare diseases, aspiring to a world where all those affected by rare diseases receive exceptional care, treatment and support.

Find out more about the Cambridge Rare Disease Network by visiting their website.