Talk synopsis & speaker profile

DR. Nicolas Sireau

CEO and Chair, AKU Society 

Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREsummit19 | Nicolas Sireau 1

Moderated Discussion:  Disruptive innovation and transformation – Patients at the heart of the drug development process

Bio: Dr Nicolas Sireau is the CEO and Chair of Trustees at the AKU Society, a patient group that helps people with AKU (short for alkaptonuria), a rare genetic disease affecting both his children. He is also co-founder and Chair of Findacure, an organisation that helps rare disease patient groups.

Previously, Nick was the CEO of SolarAid, an NGO working in Africa. He is a fellow of the Ashoka Fellowship of Social Entrepreneurs and has a PhD in the social psychology of social movements. He is the editor of ‘Rare Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs’ (Greenleaf 2013) and of the ‘Patient Group Handbook: A Practical Guide for Research and Drug Development’ (Findacure 2016).