Talk synopsis & speaker profile

Dr. Joanna Segieth

Biosynetix Ltd, Rare Drug Development Solutions

Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREsummit19 | Joanna Segieth 1

Facilitator for Moderated Discussion: Rare Diseases – Common challenges and solutions in the drug development process. An interactive session focussed on gene therapies

Bio: Joanna Segieth, PhD, MTOPRA is a pharmaceutical industry professional with 20+ years’ experience in drug development from major pharma organisations. Her achievements include leading global drug development programmes from candidate selection to registration. Joanna’s focus is the design and execution of clinical development programmes linking pre-clinical findings to proof-of-efficacy studies in small populations. Joanna has hands-on clinical experience using innovative technologies and novel approaches namely digital biomarkers, extrapolation and real-world evidence data usage to successfully deliver innovative medicines to meet patient needs and product license acquisitions.