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Dr. Cecily Morrison

Researcher, Human Experience & Design Group, Microsoft Research Cambridge

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Short Talk: Patients as partners in assistive technology design – Collaboration and customisation is the key to success

Bio: Dr. Cecily Morrison is a researcher in the Human Experience & Design (HXD) groupat Microsoft Research Cambridge with an interest in developing novel technologies to enable people’s health and well-being in the broadest sense. Put simply, she wants to build technologies that matter to people.

Cecily’s research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Working in a cross-disciplinary collaboration to repurpose and integrate technologies to solve real-world problems, her current focus is on AI applications for those with visual disabilities. She is exploring the interaction paradigms between people and agents that can be brought to bear to extend human capability through subtle dialogues with agents that see. Cecily has particular experience working with health professionals and carrying out translational research in the National Health Service.

Ongoing projects include:

Torino a physical programming language inclusive of children with visual disabilities

Assess MS a system to support the tracking of disease progression in patients with Multiple Sclerosis this research is on the development of an interactive application to support the clinical assessment of Multiple Sclerosis using depth-sensing computer vision and novel machine learning techniques. Specifically designed to work in real-world clinical settings, ASSESS MS is the first system to enable clinical assessment using computer vision outside a laboratory context.

Cecily holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology from Barnard College, Columbia University.

She has also spent time playing bagpipes in rural Hungary.


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