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Becoming a sponsor

Become a sponsor of RARefest24 to help raise awareness about rare diseases. Get your organisation or charity profile seen by thousands.

Become a sponsor or friend of RAREfest24 to help raise awareness about rare diseases. This partnership is a great chance for your organisation or charity profile to be seen by thousands. Thanks to those companies who have previously backed RAREfest – helping us support rare lives together.


Download our RAREfest24 sponsorship booklet to find out some of the great benefits we are offering partners. Please get in touch to discuss further.

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Why sponsor and support RAREfest24?

Listen to, engage and connect with people who have lived experience of rare conditions

Build a positive public image and reinforce your philanthropic company objectives

Showcase your organisation to prominent industry experts, healthcare professionals and investors

Network, generate leads and obtain instant product and service feedback

Promote better education and awareness to support CamRARE in improving outcomes for those with rare diseases. This will encourage the public, students, researchers, HCPs and other professionals to be curious, empathetic and innovative