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WE’re back in person for RAREFEST22!!

For the experts and the curious of all ages. For everyone. For free!

RAREfest22 is a public-facing, 2-day rare disease inspired festival with interactive exhibits, talks, film and art showcasing ground-breaking science, visionary technology and pioneering organisations, improving lives and bringing hope to those affected by rare conditions. 

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What can you see and do at RAREFEST22?

FRIDAy 25 NOVEMBER, 7 – 9pm

RAREFest22 Launch event ‘STRICTLY RARE’..

rare quiz and myth busters with Rare Youth Revolution  CamRARE’s Unique Feet ‘Strictly Rare’ dance performance Dylan Lombard, rare Glaswegian using his photography to connect laughter is the best medicine with Phil ‘Jerky’ – a comedian with early onset Parkinson’s • an exploration of the possible with John Willis – difference is a blessing not a curse • Pompe & Circumstance with the Pompe community choir

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Saturday 26 NOVEMBER, 10am – 4pm

RAREfest22 exhibition and talks

go mutant DNA fishing   try your hand at a genetic diagnosis be a brain surgeon for the day try scratch n’ sniff multi-sensory menus peer into bodies to uncover invisible illnesses learn how to grow cell lines for researchbe the first to see the UK launch of ‘Days of Rare’ photography exhibition what you think matters…send a postcard!  help create a live art installation • explore inside cells with virtual reality headsets

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We’ve been talking to exhibitors and speakers…find out what makes them tick and what they have in store for RAREfest22

Meet Rishi from Singing Science who'll be edutaining us with 'Genomics the Musical! The RAREfest Mix

Genomics! The Musical! is a one-person show where the fundamentals of genes and our DNA are explained using a series of ‘musical mini-lectures’. Ideas are introduced with words and then developed with catchy songs performed with a video backdrop providing further insights into the science of what makes us us. All done with a light touch of humour to provide an ideal family edutainment show!

At Rarefest22, Singing Science will be showcasing Genomics! The Musical! Combining the basics of Genetics and the impacts on the rare disease community, the show provides an engaging way to familiarise yourself with key concepts – fit for all ages.

It will offer an exciting starting point for later talks and activities. Be prepared to sing along to the jolliest, most entertaining lesson you’ve ever had!

Meet Rishi in our latest blog https://www.camraredisease.org/rishi-karmadillo-combining-passions-to-showcase-science/

How did an over reliance on Space Raiders led to RAREfest exhibitor Aisha creating Sensmart tech solution?

“During a regression, my daughter would eat only pickled onion space raiders. I would come home every day to my blue-tongued little girl. I couldn’t bear to see my daughter struggle like I had seen my patients.”

Aisha came up with the idea of Sensmart and co-founded it with Alex Chikhani. Sensmart provides a multi-sensory experience, combining scent prompts which reflect an entire meal, texture touch, tactile images, braille, and personalised voice prompts.

The product aims to help patients engage in a meaningful activity whilst promoting choice and independence. The product’s tremendous attention to detail allows family members to customise auditory stimulation to reflect their voices. It also provides real-life textures like that of orange peel to enable patients to connect with their choices.

Read our blog interview with Aisha to learn more https://www.camraredisease.org/sensmart-providing-multi-sensory-solutions/

What did our previous RAREfest visitors think?

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