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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest22 | Review 1

‘Through Your Eyes’ – RAREfest22 reflections

RAREfest22, a scientific, educational and community-centric event, was back in person in November 2022 in the heart of Cambridge, providing a vast jamboree of opportunities and insights for a community harnessing and wielding its collective voice to drive forward recognition of the challenges it faces whilst sharing the opportunities and progress that are emerging. RAREfest demonstrated that CamRARE’s sharing, multi-disciplinary networking format is an impactful way to impart knowledge and experience and build connections.  We invite you to read and enjoy the festival review; our festival highlights reel film, gallery of photos and YouTube playlist of all live performances and presentations from the event. 

Watch our RAREfest22 Highlights Reel.  Hear from visitors about their experience, meet exhibitors and view their activities as they happened, and watch speakers in action.  Were you there?  Can you spot yourself?

RAREfest22 Review, ‘Through Your Eyes’,  is ready for download or to flip through.


At RAREfest22 in November, a group of attendees volunteered to listen intently to selected talks, to visit and engage with particular exhibitors in order to create a review which was  ‘Through Your Eyes’. 

A huge thank you again to everyone who took part as speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, media partners, volunteers and attendees.  And a special thank you to our RAREfest22 reviewers for scribbling furiously in notebooks on the day in order to craft their reviews.  Flicking through this colourful story of those two days is such a wonderful keepsake and reminder of the impact that such a collaborative public-facing event can have.  Download your own copy or leaf through the flipbook version.  Both have clickable links to take you to the recording of talks on our YouTube channel. 

Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest22 | Review 2
An infographic showing impact data of rare fest 2022

Catch up on RAREfest22 talks, dance and comedy Performances, panel discussions, live monologue and films

Watch RAREfest22 talks, films and panel discussions recorded from the live event. Catch up on anything you missed on our YouTube RAREfest22 playlist.

A fantastic celebration of rare diseases! Thanks to CamRARE for organising an amazing multi-stakeholder gathering, driving recognition and change for rare diseases.

Wonderful to see friends in person again and make new acquaintances – you really can’t beat face to face!

Allison Watson

Co-Founder and CEO, Ring 20 Research & Support UK CIO

We had such a wonderful time exhibiting and the performances and talks the night before were so thought-provoking.  It was so wonderful to be in a room with disabled children celebrating their bodies and the spotlight being on those of us with rare diseases.  As a disabled person, I felt seen.  So thank you again for making it so easy to get involved.

Max Fisher

Researcher and person living with a rare condition, Horizon Discovery

This was an event like no other in all the patient events I have attended since 1996.  An outstanding example of what can be achieved for people living with rare conditions when we collaborate. Bravo Jo, CamRARE, and team . Making something so complex so accessible and enjoyable requires immense skill and dedication. I’m in awe. Can’t wait to work with you next  for RAREsummit.

Emma Sutcliffe

Global Patient Officer, Ipsen

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