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  Ceridwen Hughes

   A journey of hope

Ceridwen Hughes

Ceridwen Hughes

Founder, Same But Different


Founder of Same but Different, Ceridwen Hughes, will lead a webinar at RAREfest20 all about the diagnostic journeys faced by parents of children with rare diseases. It’s based on the critically acclaimed film ‘Journey of Hope’, which Ceridwen directed. 

Ceridwen’s images have appeared in publications throughout the world. At last count the images from her Rare Project series appeared in over 21 different countries from the BBC and ITV to Huffington Post.  You can see some of the coverage here

She is passionate about capturing that moment in time that draws the observer in to want to know more.  If it ignites interest or simply makes someone pause then she is happy. 

Ceridwen’s talk
At RAREfest20 Ceridwen will be showing the Same But Different film, ‘Journey of Hope’. A shrot film offering a glimpse in to the lives of families where children have received a rare genomic diagnosis. In a world where labels and diagnosis are often framed negatively, this film highlights the reality of both the search for a diagnosis and the impact of the diagnostic moment.

Read our latest interview with Ceridwen here.

Who is your hero and why?
I am incredibly lucky that each day I get to work with my heroes. I know it sounds a bit corny, but my heroes are each and every parent whose child gets a rare disease diagnosis and has to carry on and fight for their child to access the treatments and support they need.  These are the parents who have to smile when they are condescended to. These are the ones who have to smile when their heart is shattering because, once again, their child is overlooked or underestimated. 

Where’s your favourite place in the world and why?
It has to be Finnish Lapland, a small ski village called Levi which is far above the arctic circle.  We had the most magical week’s holiday there.  It was the first time we went on a husky ride through the snowy forest at -21 and Isaac fell asleep on a sledge whilst we looked for northern lights.  A close second would have to be Tromso in Norway, again a magical place in the winter.

What is your greatest achievement?
Picking up the camera for the first time and having the courage to follow my dreams and change career in my 40s.  I would also say setting up an MDT for Moebius syndrome when one did not exist before.

What is your hope for rare disease?
I would hope that one day it is recognised for not being rare and, with that, people may be more willing to look at the overall impact these diseases have on health, education and the community as a whole.