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Adam Pearson

How do we start this conversation?

Adam Pearson

Adam Pearson

Presenter, Actor and Disability Rights Campaigner


Adam Pearson is an award wining disability rights activist. He was born with the rare genetic condition Neurofibromatosis Type 2, which has given him a facial disfigurement. In spite of this Adam has gone on to star in films,  present documentaries on both  the BBC and Channel 4, given multiple TED Talks and was recent named on the Shaw Trust Power 100 List as one of the UKs most influential disabled people.

Adam’s talk
Adam will be leading an honest discussion with others living with rare conditions and artists and photographers who  use a range of medium from sculpture to blog writing to start the difficult conversation about rare disease and disability.  How do we finesse the art of starting, maintaining and finishing conversations about complex subjects? Well,  join us and Adam and friends  tell you!

Who is your hero?
My mummy – because she raised me and put up with my nonsene. 

Where is your favourite place in the world? 
Croydon, because it is my home and home is where the heart is. 

What is your greatest achievement?
The next one…

What is your wish for the future of rare disease? 
That we can both manage to balance medical innovation without losing sight of the real people whom we are trying to serve.