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WGC Conference Centre

Recorded talks, panel discussions, quizzes and science experiments from RAREfest20

Listen to some of the key thought leaders from the day 

A journey of hope: The diagnostic moment

Ceridwen Hughes, Shirlene Badger, Tom Almeroth-Williams, Maja Bartoszewicz-Moritz

Powering up rare diseases with Artificial intelligence

Caroline Hargrove, Simone Manso, Rudy Benfredj, Maria Picone

gene therapy for rare diseases 

Dr Bobby Gaspar, Georgina Morton, Professor Tim Cox

is obesity a choice?

Dr Giles Yeo, Dr Kat Arney

solving the problems of rare diseases

Onno Faber, Dr Jason Mellad

How do we start this conversation?

Adam Pearson, Dagmar Bennett, Ross Lannon, Jordon Mossom, Graham Miller, Vicki Donald

the dna doc live: Genetics and Extracting DNA from strawberries

Dr Meltia Irving, Dr Lucy McKay

Rare Disease Myth Busters and Quiz

Rare Youth Revolution

Rare Youth Hot Topics

Eddison Miller, Georgina Hart,
Katrina Brooks, Katie Callaghan, Nazhi Forrest, Katy Baker, Daisy Marriott

Unique Feet Chameleons

CamRARE’s Unique Feet group – their COVID-19 lockdown story