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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Speaker - Prabha Nagarajan 1

DR Prabha Nagarajan

CRISPR Cut and Paste for Genes

Talk synopsis: The gene engineering CRISPR/Cas9 technology has taken the scientific world by storm. It is bringing scientist closer and closer to mimicking disease and its applications seem to be endless! We will discuss CRISPR/Cas9 and some of the current and potential applications in rare diseases.

Bio: Prabha obtained her PhD from the University of Rochester in 2015. Her doctoral research involved studying mitochondrial DNA repair mechanisms, which are an underlying cause for various rare mitochondrial disorders. After her PhD, Prabha worked in a clinical genetic testing lab where she performed DNA sequencing for diagnosis of genetic disorders including rare diseases. She is now at Horizon Discovery that uses CRISPR to mimic diseases and works within a team that uses this technology to develop powerful diagnostic standards to help the detection, prognosis and treatment of disease.

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