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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Speaker - Dr Crystal Ruff 1

Dr Crystal Ruff

Changing the world with stem cells

Talk synopsis: Talk synopsis coming soon – keep checking back

Bio: Dr Crystal Ruff is a biotechnology expert with focus in the intersection of stem cell & regenerative neuroscience, genomics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and translational health research. Currently leading Commercial Strategic Initiatives and Innovation in Europe, Middle East and Africa for Illumina Inc, she has 15+ years’ experience in international clinical, preclinical and commercial Biotech and Healthcare management.

Crystal is a passionate Science communicator and has had involvement in several internationally-distributed documents, national news coverage, as well as an engagement with the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy working group. She is a regular speaker, having created a TEDx Talk with nearly 100K views, and several keynotes on areas such as perinatal neuroscience, regenerative medicine, genomics, artificial intelligence, leadership and motivation.

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