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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Exhibit - Remap 1


SynopsisCambridge REMAP. Custom made equipment to help people with disabilities live more independent lives.

Remap is a national charity that works through local groups of skilled volunteers. They help disabled people achieve independence and a better quality of life by designing and making equipment for their individual needs. This tailor-made equipment helps people to carry out essential daily tasks without having to ask for help, or helps them take part in leisure occupations or sports that would otherwise be impossible.

Giving independence
The focus at Remap is to give people independence because they know how important this is. Many people have a physical impairment of some sort but your life changes if you have to rely on others all the time. By making a piece of equipment specifically for an individual, tailored to their needs, it can often help them become that bit more independent.

Remap gives disabled people the joy of independence.

Click to visit the Remap website.

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