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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Exhibit - No Isolation 1

No Isolation

Technology tackling loneliness

Synopsis: At No Isolation we create technological solutions to tackle involuntary social isolation and loneliness. Our products AV1 and KOMP are designed with, and for, two specific groups in society. AV1 is a telepresence robot for children who are off school due to a long term illness. It allows them to stay connected with their classroom and friends, making the transition back into school much easier. KOMP is our one-button screen connecting generations. Designed for seniors with limited technological competence, it allows relatives and friends to send photos and messages and initiate video calls, keeping that contact between family more regular and simple.   

In the UK, more than 9 million people say that they often or always feel lonely. You cannot look someone in the eyes and see that they are lonely. It does not discriminate on age, gender, or across borders.

No Isolation create tailored communication tools to put an end to loneliness.

 Click to visit No Isolation’s website.

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