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THE INCLUSIVE HOME – Inclusive Design for Inclusive Lives

Synopsis: The Inclusive Home: Illustrating how inclusive design can enable independent and inclusive living and change attitudes to disability and neurodiversity

Inclusive design is not niche. It’s for all of us, from babies to grannies and everyone between. It is design that is inclusive.

Accessible design can be a little more specialised, to enable access for people with specific requirements.

However either way you go, if you design for those with the greatest accessibility needs, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up with a building or product that is easier and more accessible for everyone!

My daughter EJ is the catalyst that started my campaign journey, to join the push for progress towards a more inclusive society (for her future) through enabling more comprehensive access. Part of that, I think, has to be to talk about inclusive and accessible design more often. To encourage all people to think about how inclusive their homes are, and the places and spaces they visit.

Click to visit The Inclusive Home’s website.

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