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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Exhibit - Horizion Discovery 1


World leaders in gene-editing, designing and engineering genetically modified cells

Synopsis: Come along to our interactive stand and get involved in our gene editing activity. Learn how to make and use cells that imitate diseases.

Station 1

A live cell line which mimics a normal cell. Visitors can look at this cell line through a microscope. Get dressed up in lab coats and safety goggles to play the part

Station 2

Learn about genes and genes that drive disease with models, paper and sticks.

 Station 3

Watch how CRISPR works. 

Station 4

Applications of these disease mimics 

  • Diagnostics allowing prognosis and treatments options,
  • research into the disease,
  • increasing understanding of the disease
  • drug development for the disease

Horizon Discovery is a  fully integrated Life Science company that provides enabling products, services and research programs to clients engaged at every stage of the healthcare continuum from sequence to treatment.

Through the use of gene editing and gene modulation technologies, Horizon provides a wide range of Products and Services to customers across the life sciences based on the development of cell-based models and their application.

Click to visit the  Horizon Discovery website.

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