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Cambridge Rare Disease Network - RAREfest | Exhibit - Heterogeneous 1

HeterogenEous – Your genetic data could hold the key to rare disease research. Find out how you can get involved. 

Synopsis: Over 8 million people have been sequenced worldwide and it is predicted that most of us will have access to our genetic data by 2025. We all have a unique genetic makeup and this data is invaluable to understand the origins of diseases.

At Heterogeneous, we believe the next medical revolution will be powered by individuals just like you, whose unique genetic background may hold the key to understanding complex diseases and finding cures. We have built a platform that allows individuals to connect directly with researchers to enable large-scale research on a faster timescale.

Find out the fascinating insights you could learn about yourself and how powerful your contribution could be to the future of medicine. 

Click to visit Heterogenous’ website.

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