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Sarah Lippett

A puff of Smoke

Sarah Lippett – A Puff of Smoke

Author, artist & owner of two #rarediseases, Sarah Lippett, AKA Crayonlegs, is exhibiting ‘A Puff of Smoke’ at #RAREfest20. This highly acclaimed graphic memoir of her diagnostic journey over 11 years is a tribute to family and resilience. It gives a rare insight into the complexity of the diagnostic odyssey as Sarah chronicles and beautifully illustrates, a childhood and adolescence spent in and out of hospital, while doctors variously misdiagnose, mistreat or just plain miss a variety of ailments that blight her life.

It won The The Guardian’s Graphic Novel of the Year in 2019 and was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

“If this doesn’t make you cry, you may be a robot rather than a human being… But there is joy here, too, and not only in [Lippett’s] wonderful illustrations… she is so deft when it comes to the details of time, place and family life… She can also be very droll… [A Puff of Smoke] is deeply affecting – and not a little chastening, too.”

Rachel Cooke, Observer, *Graphic Novel of the Month*

Come & meet Sarah at RAREfest20 on the 28 Nov

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