Sussex Medical School - Telling it how it is creatively

Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Telling it how it is creatively: Exploring the worlds of rare disease with artistic methods. We interviewed Dr Richard Gorman about he and Dr Bobbie Farirsides have been helping people with rare diseases get their voices heard using stop motion animation, collage and a really cool postcard project. Read on to learn more about their work and what they’ll be bringing to share with us at RAREfest22.

Dr Richard Gorman – animating the world of rare diseases

The Arts of Rare Disease

Rich Gorman, a research fellow at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, has a background in Social Science and over the last two years he has been working in the field of Genomic Medicine.

Rich partnered up with Bobbie and Tony, creating a team of people dedicated to learning more about the lived experiences of healthcare for rare disease patients and finding creative ways to share their experiences.  Their research revealed the great potential of creating a powerful message through art-based methods, such as collage and stop-motion animation.

Rich and his team will showcase their research with families affected by rare genetic conditions in a way that uses various arts-based methods to capture and share important stories and messages. There will also be an opportunity to create a visual postcard to share your own experiences!

People with rare conditions often feel their voices are lost in the wind, vying for attention against other better-known diseases. Creating memorable, unique ways of communicating stories can help rare voices get heard.