Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery is a  fully integrated Life Science company that provides enabling products, services and research programs to clients engaged at every stage of the healthcare continuum from sequence to treatment.

Through the use of gene editing and gene modulation technologies, Horizon provides a wide range of Products and Services to customers across the life sciences based on the development of cell-based models and their application.

All about DNA

DNA is complicated. Everyone’s DNA is different which sometimes causes disease. Visit Horizon DIscovery’s stand to learn about the building blocks of life and how scientists change DNA to research disease.

  • A demonstration of the 4 bases of DNA, and how they are arranged and condensed in a cell.
  • The different technologies to change/edit DNA.
  • Cell lines – what does a cell look like, how to grow them and how they are used by scientists to research diseases.

Learn all about DNA with Horizon discovery.