Dagmar Bennett & Adam Pearson

Dagmar Bennett is a Sculptor and Creative Producer from Wales, now based in South London. Her work is innovative and creative with meaningful concepts and pushes boundaries. She has recently been featured on Nowness for an experimental fashion film and previously created a hyper-realistic sculpture of actor Adam Pearson. Dagmar and Adam exhibited this sculpture at RAREfest18 and participated in a panel discussion ‘How do we start this conversation?’ at RAREfest20. They’ll be bringing this impressive sculpture to RAREfest22 along with news of their upcoming film ‘Difference’.

Adam Pearson is an award-winning campaigner, actor, presenter and speaker. Adam was nominated as UK Documentary Presenter of the Year at the 2016 Grierson Awards. He is an experienced speaker and has given a TEDx talk and is a presenter on the Grumpy Gits show. He is also an ambassador for Jeans For Genes and The Childhood Tumour Trust. Adam won a RADAR Award and a Diana Award for his campaigning work.


Adam Pearson with a background of terraced bungalows


What is beauty without difference?

Dagmar and Adam will be exhibiting their powerful sculpture of Adam and talking to the public about their new film ‘Difference’. This is a film that aims to explore and celebrate one of the most unique British characters Adam Pearson. He has a rare genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis, and as a public figure, he questions the status quo and drives change in how society perceives disfigurement, visible differences and disability.

We live in a time when hate crime, racism and existing inequalities are on the rise whilst simultaneously, the next generation yearns for a more equal world. Through the juxtaposition of cast, styling, props and location this short film aims to highlight and question – what will we have left to celebrate if there is a society full of hate and division? What does beauty mean without difference?

Dagmar Bennett, an upcoming Creative Director is searching for donations to fund this important project. More information can be found and donations can be made here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/difference-film

‘Difference’ is a film that aims to explore and celebrate one of the most unique British characters Adam Pearson.