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Days of Rare – UK photography exhibition launch 

Every art exhibition we create puts people’s lived experience at the heart of the story. We utilise photography, film and the written word to create visual experiences that will change attitudes and empower those affected. We point the lens and then go beyond the image.

Every exhibition we curate strives to get at the heart of the unheard story. We have worked with a diverse range of communities including rare disease, homeless, disability and veterans; translating their experiences into visual narrative.

By intently listening to these collective experiences, we collaborate and design support services that help meet each community’s need. We regularly partner with all types of organisations to create evocative and thought-provoking campaigns to raise awareness, bring change and ensure communities can get the support they need.

We problem-solve, together.

Days of Rare

Days of Rare is a multimedia series created by Same but Different to inspire us to look more deeply into a life lived with a rare disease. Each image is carefully designed to include personal elements related to the rare disease and its impact on the lives of those with the condition.

Days of Rare has been created by photographer Ceridwen Hughes in conjunction with the SbD Creative and Same but Different Team. It all started with the building of the ‘Rare Room’, a purpose-built set in the studio, allowing the creation of a series of images that give the viewer a glimpse into the world of those affected by rare disease. Each scene is created after discussions with the participant about their rare disease’s impact on them and those around them.

SbD will be launching this new exhibition at RAREfest22 with 14 beautiful images.

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