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Same but Different was born out of Ceridwen’s experience of having a child with a rare disease. Combining her passion for photography and her considerable knowledge in marketing Same but Different was established in 2015.

The Real You

Focussing on the positive and raising awareness of the person behind the rare disease disability has enabled Same but Different to create art exhibitions that put people’s lived experiences at the heart of the story. Ceridwen and her team utilise photography, film and written work to create stunning visual experiences to change attitudes and empower those affected.

I wanted to combine my passion for photography and knowledge of marketing in a way that helped highlight the person behind the rare disease rather than simply their condition.
Ceridwen Hughes

CEO, Same but Different

Unify, Celebrate, Share

Same but Different also provide support services and have launched a new online magazine Rarity Life that offers those affected by rare disease, disability and cancer the opportunity to create truly inclusive content, to unify collective experience and to celebrate and share difference.

Rarity Life hopes to bring something for everybody and its content ranges from informative to visually stimulating – a magazine that can be dipped into or you can immerse yourself into the power and beauty of the imagery.

For me there’s a huge pressure every time I pick up the camera and either video or take photographs of the person. I really want to do the very best for them, to create art that people want to engage with. I believe that every person that I meet inspires me to keep improving until we produce work that engages, is accepted and understood with those wider audiences.

UK launch of Days of Rare…

At RAREfest22, Ceridwen will be bringing her exhibition ‘Days of Rare’ which looks at the quirky elements for people living with rare diseases. This exhibition aims to draw in the viewer into truly wanting to find out more about rare diseases and the people living with them. As Ceridwen explains:

It’s all about looking and finding the unexpected. Through looking at these images it will hopefully ignite a passion for the public to find out more about how rare diseases impact on an individual in a way that they hadn’t understood or known about.  I really hope that they will enjoy looking at the images and finding out more about the people behind them.

Expect the Unexpected!

So come along and see the wonderful exhibition and be prepared to be stunned by beautiful photographs and learn more about the people snapped by the lens!