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Trustee and biotech CEO

Dr. Ron Jortner (AKA Roni) is a scientist and entrepreneur currently based in Cambridge, UK. He is CamRARE’s Companies Forum programme lead. Ron is founder and managing director of Masthead Biosciences, providing the biomedical and life-sciences communities with professional assessment and research on new treatments, medical technologies, and diagnostics.

Prior to founding Masthead Biosciences, Ron held several research positions in neuroscience and brain imaging, including at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge, and at several Max Planck Institutes in Germany. His work, always combining biology, computation, and systems engineering, focused on mechanisms of memory formation, behavior in virtual environments, and neural processing of odours.

Ron did his Ph.D in computational neuroscience at Caltech and the Hebrew University, and completed his B.Sc. in biology (Magna cum laude) at the Hebrew University. He enjoys rock climbing, martial arts, music, and improvisation theatre.