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Breaking news!! RAREfest18, which already had an amazing line-up, just got even better…

Adam Pearson and Dagmar Bennett in conversation will talk us through their collaboration to create this wonderful sculpture of Adam. Their talk will be part of the #RAREfest18 launch evening alongside other rare speakers, musicians and dancers. 

Adam Pearson is an Actor (most recently ‘Under the Skin’*), TV producer, Grierson Presenter of the Year Nominee 2016 and winner 2017, public speaker and campaigner against stigma towards people with a visible facial difference.

Adam has Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a rare genetic condition that causes excess body tissue to grow predominantly on his face.

The artist Dagmar Bennett created a hyper realistic sculpture of Adam, and through the tactile processes of this sculpture has allowed people to explore Adam’s personality and outlook on life.

Cambridge Rare Disease Network - Adam Pearson: Actor, TV presenter and campaigner speaking and exhibiting at #RAREFest18 1



Cambridge Rare Disease Network - Adam Pearson: Actor, TV presenter and campaigner speaking and exhibiting at #RAREFest18 2

Dagmar will be exhibiting her sculpture of Adam and discussing the process, purpose and impact of this work. She thrives on celebrating differences between people, making art to stimulate thought on the social norms presented to us every day. Her sculpture of Adam Pearson was created to help promote people with a disfigurement or disability being valued as equal. Her traditional sculpting methods in clay are entwined in a strong belief that skill and technique are especially important to an artist being able to portray ideas and concepts fully. Dagmar also believes that art can be a powerful tool to change perceptions; as Gunther von Hagens said – “The breaking of taboos sometimes is the price demanded by creativity.”

Meet Adam and Dagmar on Saturday 1 Dec at the RAREfest exhibition at the Guildhall 11am – 4pm. Tickets can be booked via this link: https://rarefest1dec2018.eventbrite.co.uk

After hearing his story, and developing a friendship with Adam I felt inspired by his positive attitude, bravery and determination to break down barriers regarding how people with a disfigurement are viewed and treated. In my portrait, I was determined to capture these qualities and show him as an individual.

Dagmar Bennett